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Positive And Negative Impact of Facebook in Everyday Life

pro dan kontra fb

Positive response
on facebook (Pro)

In the technology age now, ease of someone to communicate with others and procure information easily via Internet. Now, many friendship site such as facebook, twitter, YM, etc, used from the children, the young, and adults is not doubt. One friendship site that is often used  even worldwide is friendship site Facebook. Facebook has many benefits in education, online business, and spare time fill to relieve boredom, because to lack of activity.

Facebook can used as a medium of learning for student by making a group, where  in the group are included accounts of student and the teaching team. Through group on facebook, the student can share for discuss the lessons have not understood with mediator is the teaching team. In addition, can practice of writing sentences well and correctly.

In the business world, facebook is used as a means of marketing products to be sold by way of pairing the ads on advertising facilities granted facebook or make a facebook group to promote the product to be sold and encourage visitors to visit your blog or website created by businesses or company.

In everyday life, facebook can used medium for spare time fill to relieve boredom, because to lack of activity. With the Facebook, they can interact with people who are known or interact for acquainted with someone and be able to play games provided by facebook.

Negative response on facebook (Kontra)

Everyone thinks that is facebook many benefits . They do not think even a little weakness it can have a major impact for the user. Examples of cases, most women who are looking for new friends particularly acquainted with a man. Once acquainted, they both make a pact to meet somewhere. As a result, women were abducted by men and took it to a place far from where she lived.

Through facebook, can be used as the medium  to deceive others such as sales Hp Blackberry, Computers, etc. through online business is not clear. Because facebook does not require the identity of the actual address.

Another disadvantage facebook is, one can easily include pornographic pictures in facebook account even made a profile photo account. The last, i think that facebook weakness in use as a place to discuss deficiencies  someone or insult through facebook wall or comment from a facebook status belongs to someone else’s account.

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